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God, Our Father
Easy Criticism
Of Specks and Beams
Pity vs. Self-Pity
Shared Fear Makes Friends
Limited Greatness of the Soul
To Know Him Is to Serve Him
Focused Life
Preparing to Meet the Eternal
Passion for Fidelity
You're a Hypocrite, Too
How to Become a Dunce
Unstable Decisions
Cool Addicts
Wagering on Sin's Wages
Nourishing Sermons
Religious Tolerance
Church and State
God's Unfathomable Works
Guard Your Interpretation
Finding the Frequency of Heaven
God's Desire for Us
Role Reversal
Knowing God--Loving God
All Music Belongs to God
A Listener's Prayer
What It Boils Down To
Celebrating the Now
Thankful for What?
Onward, Christian Soldiers!
Justifying Your Own Sins
Learning to Pray
Learning to Need Only Jesus
The Best of Both Worlds
Whose Are We?
"If Any One Will Come After Me ..."
Seeing Through His Eyes
Authority's Fruit
Seeing the Serpent
Christianity Isn't Complicated
The Purpose of the Incarnation
Resurrection and Coronation
The Word Made Flesh
Which Christmas Spirit?
Light in the Darkness
The Christmas Message
Christ Came to Our Prison
Born in a Grave
Lord of All
God with Us--Year 'Round
Honored by Association
Life Without Christ
Jesus' "About Face!"
Schweitzer--Chosen by Providence
Righting the World
Not My Fault!
Change from Within
Poor Memory
Hark! How All the Welkin Rings!
Some Things Stay the Same
Using Power Aright
The Finish Is What Counts
You Will Reap What You Sow
Character over Reputation
We Can't Give What's Not Ours
Luther's Radical Friend
Don't Blame God
A Modern-Day Paul
Forgiveness Brings Healing
Sowing Forgiveness
Singular Sensation
The Closet Was Bare
Hot Pursuit
Singleness Is Not a Disease
Sex and Suntan Lotion
She Learned Her Lesson
Who's to Blame?
God Arrested on the Seventh Day
A Worshipful High-Five
Misunderstood Children's Sermon
Digging Whales
Just Talking Baseball, Coach
As a Little Child
When God Smiles
Self-Consciousness Hurts
Mistaken Identity
Her Favorite Star
Jesus Wasn't There
Grandma Can't Read!
What Children See …
When She Was New
On the Other Side of Complexity
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