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Don't Blame God

Don't blame God if you are not as smart as you would like to be or as handsome or beautiful. Don't blame God if you're short or tall, thin or fat. Don't blame God if you have flat feet, thinning hair, or ears that stick out too much. God is not to blame for those things. Blame your parents if you must or your grandfather on your mother's side. Don't blame God.

My daughter Leah has a terrible time finding shoes that fit properly. When she walks in them for any length of time, she gets bunions and corns on her toes. She is always in pain. I don't have that kind of feet. She didn't inherit those feet from her mother either. Leah inherited those feet from my mother. My mother is to blame for Leah's feet.

The truth is nobody gets everything in life--not even those to whom you compare yourself. You have your good traits and your bad. The Bible's admonition is for us to accept without complaint both the good and bad we have been given. We are to work to make the most of what we have.

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