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The Christian View of God

In Greek literature, Virgil wrote about the plight of humanity and how something new needed to be done to help man out of his predicament. In Greek thought, God was removed, a mere spectator, like someone observing a play in an amphitheater or a stadium--sometimes interfering in a helpful way, sometimes interfering in ways that were harmful.

There have been all kinds of weird notions about God expressed in the writings of humankind. Shakespeare, for example in King Lear, gave expression to some of this kind of thinking when he cried out, As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods. They kill us for their sport.

It is the Christian belief that Jesus of Nazareth fully disclosed God--who he was and what he was and what motivated him. That disclosure reveals itself in love. And further we believe that this loving God has a desire to have fellowship with you and me. He not only wants to know us, he wants us to know him. Karl Barth, a most profound theologian of our century, put it this way: Either Jesus Christ was actually God, or he was not, or we do not have a full revelation of God yet.

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