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Focused Life

When we were in Scotland, I was working on my Ph.D. thesis, and I was writing a chapter on the theology of Jurgen Moltmann, a contemporary German theologian who was writing some very significant theology for the church today. It happened that while I was working on that chapter, Jurgen Moltmann paid a visit to Edinburgh to give a theological lecture. When I heard he was coming, I was so excited. I wanted to meet him. I wanted to talk with him. After all, I was writing a chapter of my thesis on his theology. I wanted to tell him my main criticism and see what he would say. I wanted to bounce my ideas off him. I didn't know whether I would get a chance to talk with him, but I hoped that I would. Because of that hope, I prepared myself. I read every book I could find written by Jurgen Moltmann. I thought about Jurgen Moltmann all day long. All night long I dreamed about Jurgen Moltmann. I was preparing myself to meet Jurgen Moltmann.

The great night came, and I sat in the front row for his lecture, because I wanted to get right to him. But immediately after his lecture he went out the door. I went racing after him. It was a dark, winter night in Edinburgh, with pouring rain. I grabbed him by the arm, and I said, "Herr Professor, I want to talk with you." I told him I was writing about his theology and I had some questions to ask. (I really had some criticisms to make, but I put it politely at first.) He had an umbrella, and he said, "Come under this umbrella." We were standing face to face, and we had a great and memorable conversation. I had prepared myself for that moment. All of my thoughts were focused on meeting him.

Friends in Christ, you will stand before the King of Kings. That ought to focus your attention in this life. We are, even now, in the presence of the King of Kings.

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