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Top 10 Thanksgiving Sermon Illustrations

Giving thanks through stories.
Top 10 Thanksgiving Sermon Illustrations

While grocery stores and supermarkets would like you to think that Christmas is almost here. We at PreachingToday.com have not forgotten about Thanksgiving. As we look forward to Thanksgiving, we wanted to point you to some of the best illustrations on the topic of Thanksgiving Day. We hope that this list will inspire you as you write and develop your Thanksgiving sermons.

  1. Praise God With Your 23,000 Breaths per Day
  2. Man Hosts a Free Thanksgiving Dinner for All Who RSVP
  3. Famous CEOs Who Write Personal Thank You Notes
  4. Gratitude Training 101
  5. Tim Keller on Unanswered Prayer
  6. Thankful for the Fleas
  7. Hollywood Actors Thank Everyone Except for God
  8. William Bradford’s Last Thanksgiving had an Eternal Perspective
  9. Henri Nouwen on Being Grateful for Everything
  10. Denzel Washington: Start Every Day with Thanks

Andrew Finch is the Managing Editor for PreachingToday.com.

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