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William Bradford's Last Thanksgiving had an Eternal Perspective

The book, Mayflower , by Nathaniel Philbrick is the story of the Pilgrims coming to America in 1620. Their governor and spiritual leader here was William Bradford. We know him best for leading the first Thanksgiving. But notice how Bradford's view of living a thankful life included having an eternal perspective:

In the winter of 1657, Bradford began to feel unwell. His health continued to decline until early May when a sudden and marvelous change came upon him. "The God of heaven so filled his mind with ineffable consolations," Cotton Mather wrote, "that he seemed little short of Paul wrapped up unto the unutterable entertainments of paradise." That morning Bradford told those gathered around his sick bed that "The good Spirit of God had given him a pledge of happiness in another world and the first fruits of his eternal glory." He died the next day.

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