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Top 10 Mother's Day Illustrations from

Find the right story for your people.
Top 10 Mother's Day Illustrations from

For many in your congregation, Mothers' Day is a beautiful time to remember and celebrate the woman who have given birth, nurtured their children, and left a profound legacy of Christlikeness. You might not preach a whole sermon about motherhood, but at some point in the service pastors need to lift up and honor motherhood.

Our top 10 Mother's Day illustrations cover the gamut of emotions that people experience on Mother's Day.

And yet, this day isn't always that simple. It's a day of joy, but for some it's also a day of pain. It's a day of celebration, but for some it's also a day of longing and grief. Some women and their husbands are yearning to have their first child. Some women had bad mothers. Some good moms are grieving a wayward child. Some women need encouragement in their role as a spiritual mother to people in your church and community.

Our top 10 Mother's Day illustrations cover the gamut of emotions that people experience on Mother's Day. We hope you can find the right story that fits how you need to minister to your people.

  1. Pastor Reflects on His "Mama's" Love and Prayers—a classic story about a mother's lessons about faith and prayer. (See also A Son Watches His Mom Obey the Lord.)
  2. Survey Finds Worth of Moms' "Salary"—stats about what an average stay-at-home mom's projected annual salary.
  3. Foster Mom Is Called 'The Baby Whisperer'—a story for all "spiritual mothers."
  4. Video Technology Shows the Marvel of Fetal Development—the marvel of motherhood explained by a mathematician (includes video link).
  5. Inner City Mom Fights Off a Gang—powerful story of a mother's "mama-bear" courage.
  6. The Power of Prayer: How Author John Dickson Came to the Faith—a story about a spiritual mother who led a troubled teenager to Christ.
  7. Novelist Describes the Pain of Miscarriage—for women who are hurting on Mother's Day. (See also Studies Reveal the Pain of Infertility.)
  8. Poet Maya Angelou on Developing Courage—a simple lesson from a mom about growing in character.
  9. Motherhood in the Bible Wasn't a Fairy Tale—hope from Scripture for imperfect moms.
  10. Former Wayward Son Advises Heartbroken Parents—hope for moms who have a wayward child.

Matt Woodley serves as the Editor for and the Pastor of Compassion Ministries at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Illinois. He is also the author of God With Us: The Gospel of Matthew (IVP).

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