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Rich in Every Way

Rich in Every Way
by Gene Getz
Paperback: Howard Books (2004); 368 pages

About This Book
Getz's work is a comprehensive answer to the question: "What does the Bible say about money and possessions?" Getz and a small team of researchers literally found and picked through each instance this topic appears in Scripture, and the result is an educational, organized guide to God's view of money. For the sake of length and relevance, the book focuses on the New Testament while referring to Old Testament themes.

From his fine-toothed study of the Word, Getz has derived 102 "supracultural" principles to direct the Christian's thoughts and deeds in a culture besotted with consumerism. He has grouped these principles into 26 topical chapters, each of which focuses, chronologically, on a certain book or character of the Bible.

How It Will Help If you, too, are asking what God thinks about money, Getz has probably already answered any question you could think of. His work is one of the most exhaustive ...

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