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Rich in Every Way

Rich in Every Way
by Gene Getz
Paperback: Howard Books (2004); 368 pages

About This Book
Getz's work is a comprehensive answer to the question: "What does the Bible say about money and possessions?" Getz and a small team of researchers literally found and picked through each instance this topic appears in Scripture, and the result is an educational, organized guide to God's view of money. For the sake of length and relevance, the book focuses on the New Testament while referring to Old Testament themes.

From his fine-toothed study of the Word, Getz has derived 102 "supracultural" principles to direct the Christian's thoughts and deeds in a culture besotted with consumerism. He has grouped these principles into 26 topical chapters, each of which focuses, chronologically, on a certain book or character of the Bible.

How It Will Help
If you, too, are asking what God thinks about money, Getz has probably already answered any question you could think of. His work is one of the most exhaustive Bible studies you'll find. This book would make a great reference tool; it is systematically organized and easy to read.

Getz's book will not only help you in your research, it will aid you in your delivery of the Word. It pointedly bridges the gap between then and now, and is comprised of practical principles your people could (and should) apply to their lives immediately. Also, you'll find the compilation of principles at the book's end especially helpful for your quick recall or perusal.

Table of Contents
Introduction: A Quest for God's Agenda

Part 1: Principles from the Church in Jerusalem
     1. The Mystery Revealed
     2. An Unparalleled Work of Faith

Part 2: Principles from the Teachings of Jesus
     3. The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5)
     4. The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6)
     5. More Teachings from Jesus (Matthew)
     6. Jesus' Use of Economic Illustrations

Part 3: Principles from the Early Church—Moving Beyond Jerusalem and Judea
     7. The Gospel in Samaria
     8. Work and Ministry
     9. Dorcas, an Ordinary Woman
     10. A Gentile Named Cornelius
     11. Beyond Judea and Samaria

Part 4: Principles from the First Missionary Journey
     12. The Letter from James
     13. The Letter to the Galatians

Part 5: Principles from the Second Missionary Journey
     14. The Letter to the Thessalonians
     15. The First Letter to the Corinthians
     16. Second Corinthians 8
     17. Second Corinthians 9

Part 6: Principles from the Third Missionary Journey
     18. The Letter to the Romans
     19. Borrowing, Loaning, and Debt

Part 7: Principles from the Prison Epistles
     20. The Twin Epistles: Ephesians and Colossians
     21. Philippians: An Intimate Epistle
     22. A Personal Letter to Philemon

Part 8: Principles from the Pastoral Letters
     23. The First Letter to Timothy
     24. Paul's Final Correspondence

Part 9: The Final Letters
     25. The Last Letters
     26. Overarching Biblical Truths

Conclusion: The Principles Compiled
     27. 102 Supracultural Principles for Becoming Rich in Every Way

     - Guidelines for Developing Supracultural Principles

About the Author
Gene Getz is pastor emeritus of Fellowship Bible Church North in Plano, Texas, and an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is the director of the Center for Church Renewal, as well as the host and executive director and producer of Renewal Radio.

Getz received a BA from Moody Bible Institute (1954), an MA from Rocky Mountain College (1958), and a PhD from Wheaton College (1968).

He has been happily married to Elaine for over 40 years, and has three adult children, Renee, Robyn, and Kenton. The Getzes also have six grandchildren, and live in Plano, Texas.

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