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Classic Sermons on Stewardship

Classic Sermons on Stewardship
by Warren Wiersbe
Paperback: Kregel Academic & Professional (1999); 160 pages

About This Book
One of Wiersbe's many compilations, this book is a collection of 13 sermons on the topic of stewardship. In his preface, Wiersbe acknowledges that some preachers included are better known than others, but each sermon in the set is significant in its own way.

These sermons are intended for both spiritual encouragement and as starter material for your sermons. It is Wiersbe's intention that you are helped and motivated as you tackle this potentially awkward topic, and his strategic choices should do just that.

How It Will Help
This book is an all-in-one package. You are able to read sermons on stewardship delivered by some of the best preachers of the twentieth century. You are able to read their biography and gather background information. Wiersbe has outlined and subcategorized each sermon for you, and he has included the relevant Scripture at each sermon's opening (and listed them all at the beginning of the book).

Table of Contents
List of Scripture Texts
     1. Jesus Takes the "Stew" out of Stewardship (Earl Vaydor Pierce)
     2. Master Your Desires (Clovis Gillham Chappell)
     3. Missionary Money (Adoniram Judson Gordon)
     4. Concerning the Collection (John Henry Jowett)
     5. Stewardship (Henry Parry Liddon)
     6. The Rewards of the Trading Servants (Alexander Maclaren)
     7. The Blessedness of Giving (Robert Murray McCheyne)
     8. Love's Wastefulness (George H. Morrison)
     9. The Theology of Money (Joseph Parker)
     10. Paul's Plans for Raising Money (Archibald Thomas Robertson)
     11. Stewards (Charles Haddon Spurgeon)
     12. The Supreme Gift to Jesus (George W. Truett)
     13. The Use of Money (John Wesley)

About the Author
Warren W. Wiersbe is an international Bible and conference teacher, general director of Back to the Bible, and a former pastor of Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois. Wiersbe is author of more than 150 books, and at the 2002 Christian Booksellers Convention was awarded the Gold Medallion Lifetime Achievement Award by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

Wiersbe has served as Writer in Residence at Cornerstone College and Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary.

He and his wife, Betty, live in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Book 3: Financial Peace Revisited | Book 4: The Literary Book of Economics
Book 5: Your Money Counts | Book 6: Secrets of the Generous Life
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Brian Bill is senior pastor of Pontiac Bible Church, Pontiac, Illinois.

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