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Secrets of the Generous Life

Secrets of the Generous Life
by Gordon MacDonald
Hardcover: Tyndale House Publishers (2002)

About This Book
MacDonald states that his book is for those who wish to be good stewards of all they have—of their monetary assets, to be sure, but also of their time and talents. His focus is much more on generosity than stewardship, however, and he defines generosity as the conviction that much of one's resources must be "strategically given for the betterment of others and for the advancement of the gospel (vii)."

This book provides six weeks of daily reflections on the nature and call of generosity, and is, of all the books in this list, certainly the most devotional in nature. Through these meditations, MacDonald urges his readership to retain a kingdom perspective on their earthly wealth. He says that those who live generously will reap God's overflowing rewards.

How It Will Help If you are preaching through a series on generosity or stewardship, the six parts of this book could serve ...

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