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Financial Peace Revisited

Financial Peace Revisited
by Dave Ramsey
Hardcover: Viking Adult (2002); 352 pages

About This Book
Written from the perspective of a man who had both made and lost a fortune by age 30—and who gained a heap of wisdom in the process—this book is an exceedingly practical guide to understanding and overcoming financial distress.

The book is a revamped version of Ramsey's business bestseller Financial Peace, and features new chapters on money's relation to marriage, extended family and children, divorce or the death of a spouse, and single parenthood. Also new are "Thoughts from Sharon," Ramsey's wife, at the end of each chapter, and fresh facts and statistics.

Ramsey takes a holistic view of money management; his book is nearly as much about ordering one's life as it is about ordering one's financial affairs. Scripture is sprinkled throughout his advice, and supplements his already biblically sound instruction.

How It Will Help Often, the most poignant lessons we learn are those ...

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