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Your Money Counts

Your Money Counts
by Howard Dayton
Paperback: Tyndale House Publishers (1997); 175 pages

About This Book
Written by the cofounder of Crown Financial Ministries, this book is another sensible, biblical guide to managing personal resources.

Dayton presents stewardship as first and foremost a spiritual issue. God is master of everything, including the money we make, and he has promised to do his part to take care of us. God's part is only half the equation, however.

Handling our money in a way that is faithful, honest, and wise is a crucial component of Christian discipleship. We prioritize that which we care about, so Dayton asserts that our money management is intimately connected to our character.

In essence, this book is a topically-arranged discussion of a Christian's duties in eight areas of financial responsibility. Notably, this book is part of Crown's 10-week Biblical Financial Study, one of its most widely used resources.

How It Will Help Dayton does an exceptional job of juxtaposing ...

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