Chapter 1

Preparing for Your Sermon Through Prayer

Listening to the most important voice in our preaching--the Holy Spirit.

Before I went to seminary I worked for a large corporation in Tokyo, Japan. One winter, I had an unexpected opportunity to preach the gospel. My Japanese roommate worked as a prep school teacher and he was also a Christian. He suggested that we host a Christmas Eve outreach service as a way to give his prep school students, as well as our friends and acquaintances who weren't familiar with Christ, an opportunity to experience the spirit of Christmas. He offered to organize the event if I would preach.

In the back of my mind, I was considering the possibility of one day studying theology and serving in some kind of vocational ministry. I felt this would be a chance for me to get a little preaching experience—and so I agreed.

A few days before the service, my roommate sat me down and proceeded to give me instructions on how I should preach. "The students who come from my high school have never been to church before," he explained. "They're only coming to experience ...

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