Chapter 4

Fidelity, Freedom, and Fire

Praying for the 3 F’s in your preaching.

It’s Sunday morning. I am about to leave my house to preach God’s Word and herald the excellencies of Jesus, when I hear my pregnant wife scream. It was not a good scream! Our dog got a hold of one of our young son’s dirty diapers and tore it apart in our dining room. To make matters worse, the smell of the incident triggered my wife’s morning sickness. I found myself derailed from my preaching mindset, and instead was on my hands and knees cleaning up hundreds of pieces of soiled diaper and trying to console my poor morning-sick wife.

Sunday mornings are such a unique time in the life of a preacher. The entire week of study, prayer, and preparation is about to come to the culmination of the sermon. But what is on the preacher’s mind? Naturally, there are a lot of pressures weighing down preachers in the time preceding preaching. I’m convinced that the mind of a preacher is never more vulnerable than in the hours and minutes leading up to their approach ...

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