Chapter 2

6 Times to Stop and Pray

Reminders for preparing prayer-filled sermons.

Every preacher would agree that prayer is foundational for preaching. We give much lip service to the power and place of prayer in the sermon preparation process. Seminary taught us this concept and our own personal experience as preachers underscores that prayer is important to preaching. Yet, sometimes we get into our routine of sermon preparation and prayer becomes an afterthought rather than a central part of preaching.

I’ve sometimes slipped into autopilot and cruised forward without stopping to pray for my sermon as I had intended—and taught. Below are six times when we can stop and pray as we prepare prayer-filled sermons for our listeners.

Pray Through the Text

As you begin the sermon preparation process and open the Scriptures to the passage on which you intend to preach—pray. Ask the Lord to give insight into the text. I’m not suggesting that what you’ll discover is out of sync with the intended meaning of the text. Far from it. Ask for wisdom and discernment ...

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