Chapter 0

Praying for Your Sermon

Nobody had to teach me that I should pray for my sermons. The first time I preached, with knees trembling and stomach fluttering, I knew that preaching was over my head. After all, I was standing before a holy God declaring his eternal Word. What an awesome responsibility. And lives are literally hanging in the balance. The risen Christ wants to heal the sick, raise the dead, set the captives free, seek and save the lost. Who is worthy of such a task? Of course, I need to pray for my sermon!

But if you’re anything like me, I can get so pressed for sermon prep time, not to mention the 101 other pastoral and personal duties for the week, that praying for my sermon falls by the wayside. Sadly, I can often relate with Scott Gibson’s observation what while we all agree “that prayer is foundational for preaching,” we often “get into our routine of sermon preparation and prayer becomes an afterthought rather than a central part of preaching.” So, if you’re ...

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