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Leading a Digital Church

How to Serve God’s people in an online space.

Leading a Digital Church
Image: Nadine Shaabana / Unsplash

And just like that—it happened.

The entire geography of western society shifted (at least, for now) in the span of 48 hours and a series of White House press releases about the novel coronavirus.

As researchers discovered more about the pandemic, I watched national policymakers react to each discovery with appropriately and increasingly stringent measures. Recommended gathering sizes dwindled from regulation-free to 250, to 50, to 10.

There aren’t many organizations of 250-1000+ that gather all in the same room on a weekly or twice-weekly basis.

Except, you know, the church.

And when the shift happened, my phone began to ring off the hook.

All church gatherings in my community shut down because of the pandemic.

Just like that.

In an instant, every church leader was trying to figure out how to serve God’s people. And (unless you have a megaphone and a huge, grassy field where thousands of people can sit 6-10 feet apart), digital became the only option.

I’m the lead pastor ...

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