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Developing Effective Communion Meditations

4 steps to great Communion meditations.

Developing Effective Communion Meditations
Image: Mark Galer / Unsplash

Sacrament. To say that word in a worship service of many American congregations will likely draw a raised eyebrow or perplexed glance. But our worship is generally grounded deep within a sacramental framework, and we are—for the most part—completely unaware of it. A sacrament is simply a religious symbol, a ritual activity that points us to a deeper meaning in the practice of our faith. In the Christian faith, we have two central sacraments: Baptism and Communion. Both sacraments are essential to the practice of our faith: one that starts the journey (Baptism) and one that continues the journey (Communion).

Imagine the scene: The worship leader has completed leading the congregation in singing. The band is exiting the stage while a nervous soul moves toward the microphone with their Bible in hand. A rear stage light shines upon a simple table. The table is not fancy, with only a simple phrase etched on a front plaque—Do this in remembrance of me. A small plate sits on ...

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