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Challenging Hearers

An interview with author, pastor, and professor Lyle Dorsett

See theme is your theology for challenging hearers when you preach?

Lyle Dorsett:I believe that when we do preaching we're called to challenge people. We're called to exhort people and encourage them to do things to help them become more Christlike. 1 John 2:6 says that if we abide in Christ and he abides in us, then we will walk as he walked. And in that epistle as well as in Peter's epistles there's a call to holiness, a call to Christlikeness, a call to walk as Jesus walked, with Jesus as the head of the church.

So one of the things a pastor should do is encourage the flock to be taking steps to confess sin, to truly repent of that sin, and then to get on with committing the things we're called commit. I'm purposive about that. In portions of sermons and letters of exhortation in the New Testament, this is what's going on. People are being exhorted. They're being encouraged, and sometimes they're being admonished and reprimanded.

So our preaching should take the same form as the epistles ...

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