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Top 10 Sermons for Lent

These 10 sermons will ignite your creativity as you work on your sermons for Lent.
Top 10 Sermons for Lent

Our Top 10 Lent sermons will ignite your own creativity as you prepare to preach about Christ’s journey into the wilderness. These sermons cover a range of Lenten themes, including the temptation, prayer and fasting, spiritual trials, and how God redeems his people. Let these sermons inspire your own Lenten preaching.

Lent: Preparing Our Garden for Growth
Lent is a time to remove obstacles and dedicate ourselves anew to growing in Christ.
Skye Jethani

Showdown in the Desert
Jesus shows us how to face temptation—by training and not just by trying.
Bryan Wilkerson

It's a lie that you are fatherless; God will feed you, lead you, and abide with you.
Stewart Ruch

Rated R for Redemption
God can redeem any person out of any situation.
Robert Smith

The World Is in Trouble
The gospel exposes our desperate need before God.
Geoff Chang

We mustn't become so familiar with God that we “tame” him and begin to treat him disrespectfully.
Marguerite Shuster

The Ultimate Challenge
Jesus challenges the dominant myths of our culture as he call us into his version of the abundant life.
Matt Woodley

Sturdy Grace
Disposable grace is anchored in self; sturdy grace is anchored in Christ.
Aaron Damiani

The Spiritual Disciplines You Did Not Choose
God wants to move us from a place of rebellion and resignation to acceptance and joy.
Kevin Miller

Sloth? Seriously?
We need to combat sloth with devotion and attentiveness.
Bryan Wilkerson

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