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The World is in Trouble

The gospel exposes our desperate need before God.


What's wrong with the world? That's a question that many people are asking, and there's no shortage of answers being given: the economic system, the education system, government, welfare, corporate privilege, declining morality, fundamentalist religion, and on and on. Every group has their idea of what's wrong with the world.

But think about those answers for a bit. It's not hard to see that they're not as comprehensive as they pretend to be. So let's really ask the question, "What's wrong with the world?" Not just America, but the whole world, from America to Algeria, from Ecuador to Eritrea, from Macau to Micronesia, every tribe, tongue, and nation. From the troubled suburban teens, to the aborigines of the outback, from the high-powered executive, to the witch doctors of the jungle, from the patient dying in the cancer ward, to the child being born, what's wrong with the world?

Don't even limit yourself to the past year of 2014. Can you ask this question in a way that includes all of human history, from the beginning of time, and all the way to the end of human history as we know it? When you ask "What's wrong with the world?" make sure you don't leave out the person you're most prone to leave out—yourself.

Read Romans 1:18-32

The world is in trouble

We see the trouble beginning in verse 18. The fundamental problem that all mankind faces is the wrath of God against the sinful man. All our sin, from the greatest to the smallest, is in direct opposition to the holiness and righteousness of God. His righteous response to our sin is a holy wrath. This isn't a passive, impersonal, mechanical response. No, this is the active, righteous, ...

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Geoff Chang is an associate pastor at Hinson Baptist Church in Portland, OR.

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Sermon Outline:


I. The world is in trouble

  1. The world suppresses the truth
  2. The idolatry problem
  3. The world loves sin

II. We are also in trouble

  1. God will not show favoritism
  2. God will judge according to our obedience
  3. Outward religion is not enough