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Willie Nelson Chooses Reincarnation Over Hell

In It's a Long Story: My Life by Willie Nelson, Willie recounts his time as a "popular" Sunday School teacher at Metropolitan Baptist Church—a popularity ...

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News That Illustrates for Sunday, June 28th - July 5th

Weeping with Mother Emmanuel, Deadlier than Sharks, and Happy 800th Birthday

Mother Emanuel: There's Nothing but Love Many of us are still reeling from ...

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Stats Show Many Workers Feel Depleted

An article in The New York Times noted a 2013 survey of 12,115 workers worldwide which found that many lacked a fulfilling workplace. Of the 12,000-plus ...

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Church Gives Prostitutes a Second Chance

The Huffington Post ran a beautiful story about a church in Honolulu called Bluewater Mission. This small church started a restaurant called Seed, which ...

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How Much We Pay to Stay Fit

How much does it cost Americans to stay fit? Here are some stats to prove that we often go all out to keep our bodies in shape:

  • 58 million Americans have a gym membership (but 67 percent of those people never use their memberships).
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