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News That Illustrates for Sunday, May 29th—June 5th

Commencement Address Roundup, The 7 Deadly Social Networks, and Boston Street Art

'What I Learned in Death' It's the time of year for rounding up the ...

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Tom Hanks on the Fear of Faking It

In his new film (2016), A Hologram for the King, Tom Hanks plays a middle-aged American businessman who is sent to Saudi Arabia for a special project. ...

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Atheist Astronomer Suggests 'Intelligent Design'

One of the most astonishing discoveries astrophysicists have made in recent decades is that if gravity were just 0.000000000001 (one-trillionth of one) ...

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High-Wire Walker on the Dangers of Invincibility

The Walk is the 2015 motion picture, and true story, about high-wire artist Philippe Petit. In 1974 he fulfilled his dream of walking between the World ...

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HBO Show on How We Need to Confess Sins

Oddly enough, contemporary television seems to appreciate [the truth that we need to confess our sins to one another]. One example is HBO's dark, disturbing, ...

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