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Young Doctors Trained at an Art Gallery

Dr. Irwin Braverman, a dermatologist and director of medical residents at Yale medical school, was concerned about his students' power of attention. Braverman ...

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Covenant Eyes Quotes Porn Addicts

Covenant Eyes, a Christian company that sells internet accountability software, receives thousands of emails from people struggling with viewing online ...

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Driver Follows the Wrong Speed

Retired minister and author Bob Russell told the following account to illustrate how Christians today often go along with the moral pace of those around ...

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Ship Stuffed with Gold Sinks Off Wales Coast

On the 25th of October in 1859, the steam clipper Royal Charter rounded the island of Anglesey off the coast of Wales on what was supposed to be the celebratory ...

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Product to Help with Cell Phone Addiction

The New York Times reports that people spend close to three hours a day looking at a mobile screen—and that excludes the time they spend actually ...

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