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Top 5 Mother's Day Sermons

These 5 Mother’s Day sermons will ignite your creativity as you work on your sermon for Mother’s Day.
Top 5 Mother's Day Sermons

Let our Top 5 Mother’s Day sermons fuel your own creativity as you prepare to preach on this important day. Each sermon serves as a model of preaching excellence.

The God Who Sees Me
What difference does it make in my life to know that there is a God who sees me?
Hilary Price

The Mighty Warrior Who Saves Mom
God is present, working, and loving in the daily lives of mothers.
David Prince

A Lesson Wise Moms and Other Influential People Can Teach the Next Generation
A mom who fears the Lord teachers her kids to use their strength to serve people in need.
Steve Mathewson

What It Takes to be a Mother
A mother’s ultimate purpose is to instill in her child a love for God.
Mark Mitchell

The Jekyll and Hyde of Motherhood
God can use the tensions of motherhood to transform you.
Nancy Ortberg

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