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Preaching on Race: Why We Can't Wait (Part 1)

How can we speak out faithfully and sensitively on racial issues?

Preaching on Race: Why We Can't Wait (Part 1)

Reverend Lawrence Aker, III is senior pastor of the historic Cornerstone Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. Cornerstone's rich past includes dynamic connections with Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights movement.'s editor Matt Woodley sat down with Rev. Aker for wisdom on preaching on racial issues well. In Part 2 to this series, Pastor Joshua Moody, a white pastor and former police officer, will explore the same issue from his ministry context.

Matt Woodley, Racial issues are very tense topics in our society. Preachers need to address them. But before we get to the social issues, I'd like to hear your story. On a personal level, how have racial issues impacted you?

Rev. Lawrence Aker, III: As an African-American male, it is grievous to see how things have been unfolding—especially in our judicial system. Historically as a people (as African-Americans), we've seen a bifurcated judicial system with numerous cases going back from Emmett ...

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Dennis C Latham

March 07, 2015  1:25pm

STOP CALLING non-christians - christians for starters. until THE WHOLE HOLY TRUTH is taught and leaders, preachers and teachers are held ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE and TRANSPARENT on their teachings of race - the war on race will continue to get worse. 1.) GOD, CHRIST nor THE HOLY SPIRIT divides by skin color. Many who claim to be christians but are not christians because they divide by skin colors. 2.) Any assembly in America that has only ONE race of people in it is not A HOUSE OF GOD but a house of satan. These separations in America were made and started by satan - and europeans made sure to put a real divide on it when they chose to start America. 3.) thomas jefferson - re-writing a bible of his own to remove all MIRACLES OF CHRIST is not of GOD but of satan - george washington - owned slaves / died never FREEING his slaves - but only passing them on to his wife. Stop calling these heathens christians because others act like them and believe they too are christians.

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Minister Cozi

February 23, 2015  2:00pm

Your boldness on addressing this issue is good and needed from the perspective of a Pastor. We are held accountable to teach our people how to deal with the issues of race in this society without feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. First, I think one must have a solid awareness of who we are in Christ and in our own person. We must put on the whole armor as we go about our daily lives knowing at some point there will be battles. Our armor is our protector as promised by God. I came up during the civil rights era, picketing and going to peace rallies. I learned to love who I am as a black woman without needing validation by other races. I also learned as much as I could, academically and religiously about contributions blacks made in society. Then I learned to give back what I learned. Keep preaching/teaching on this subject. This is the only way many of us will know how to resolve this issue and heal!

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Likhwa Adam Jele Khumbuza

February 17, 2015  1:06am

It a struggle within a struggle. A struggle to shade off that which the whites wants the blacks to shade off, and a struggle to maitain that which his fellow blacks wants him to maitain.racialism, like any other kinds of evil shall always be among us as long as this world exists.Therefore let us not fight to stop racism but to hanness it to produce better fruits rather than bitter ones.No one wants to, deliberately, be a racist, but the evil in them drive them to do so.Therefore the best way to deal with it is to accept that it shall always be there, and there fore channel it to were it is less effective.Take a racist as patient who needs healing. whoever who looks at another person and think that other person is less human simply because of some benching marks he/she would have put to measure humanity,that person is sick.How do we deal with sick people,do we become sick too in order to heal the sick? no.Most of us become sick ourselves and as a result fail to heal the sick.

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