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What All Good Preachers Do

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Recently I listened to an internet-based talk show interview with a Bible scholar. The host of the program was earnestly contending for the truth. While I liked what I heard from the Bible scholar, the host-interviewer creeped me out a bit, not by what he said but by his manner. Not only was he melodramatic, he sounded smugly sure of himself. When I react negatively to someone who is concerned about theological discernment, I can't help but wonder how others react to my preaching, for my messages also seek not only to encourage, inform, and inspire in a positive way but also to divide truth from error.

At those times when I clearly call error error, do others perceive me as a "fundamentalist" on a crusade? As a self-appointed authority trying to police others? As insecure, angry, or arrogant?

I hope not. I want to be generous. I want to be humble.

But I also want to be good.

For several months I have been reading and rereading the Book of 1 Timothy, and one verse that has caught my attention—and ...

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Gary Black

October 06, 2010  8:50am

Brian, I like this approach and will give it some serious thought as I prepare my 2011 preaching calendar. I also will dialog with our Student Pastor to learn of other critical topics to cover. Thanks.

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Richard Cameron

October 05, 2010  6:26am

Brian, thanks for such a helpful article on an issue I have been struggling with for some time - how to stay positive when you have to be negative about some things. Your suggestion of thinking through a list of threats in our situations is something I will follow up on. Really helpful.

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Gary Young

October 05, 2010  12:47am

Thank you much Brian. You have properly defined the challenge that face all gospel proclaimers today. I appreciate how you instructed that we approach the task with humility as "the truth is God's and not ours." Confessionally, I have lost my way at times simply because I embraced being right before others more than seing priviledged to speak what God has said is right. Gary

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Calvin Redmond

October 04, 2010  7:03pm

Thanks, Brian. I am adapting that to use in my church.

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Ken Gowen

October 04, 2010  4:33pm

Nice Brian! Very balanced and certainly addresses something that we should all be concerned with as preachers. Thank you! Ken

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