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Francis Chan on What Drives Prophetic Preaching

For those who speak a challenging word, the Word of God is fire in the bones.

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Editor's note: Before conducting this interview with author and pastor Francis Chan, I went to the Cornerstone Church (Simi Valley, California) website and watched his welcome video (the interview was conducted before he announced his resignation). In it he describes some of the convictions with which he started the church. He says things like, "Let's teach everything the Bible says, even if it doesn't set well with us at times. Who are we to judge God's thoughts?" "I want to prepare people for the moment when they face God." "He is the judge." That sounds like the heart of a prophet walking in the footsteps of Jeremiah, but like the Old Testament prophets, Francis also says, "We don't want to just live this life in fear. We want to have a love relationship." In this interview, Francis reveals well the heart impulses of preachers who bring a challenging word.

What makes a sermon prophetic?

For those who have the gift of prophetic preaching, it's as though God screams out to them from the ...

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Abigail Taylor

June 27, 2011  10:08pm

Thank you pastor Chan for sharing about preaching God's Word. I too, cannot preach unless God gives me His message for the time, and I so agree with you about the lack of love and concern for God's human creation, and like you have said, there should be no room for pride, greed, selfishness, and preaching from our intellect, and opinion. If we are not allowing God to shape our lives each day, and hear from Him, doing what He requires of us as ministers of His Word, we are not helping anyone, or doing God's will. This is truly God's Word and message for all who preach the Word of God. God bless you and family.

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