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The Unchanging Grounds of Our Authority

Just who do you think you are telling others what to do, what to believe? In any culture, in any age, we will preach with confidence when we correctly understand where our authority comes from.

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PreachingToday.com: When we think about preaching with authority, what are the key questions we need to answer?

John Koessler: The first question is, do I have authority to preach? Second, where do you locate a sermon's authority? Third, is this notion of authority outdated?

The first question—Do I have authority to preach?—is being asked on both sides of the pulpit. The listener wants to know, Why should I listen to this guy? But the preacher today is also asking that question. We really are in an age where there is a lot of challenge to authority. As a result, there has been a shift away from the idea of authoritative preaching. With the younger generation, there is discomfort with preaching from a position of authority, and so now you have talk about approaching hearers with a more humble orientation in a conversational model of preaching.

If we decide that preaching does have authority, then the second question comes into play: where does that authority come from? Traditionally ...

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