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D. A. Carson on his book Christ and Culture Revisited

The key to understanding how the church should relate to culture is to have a strong grasp of the major themes in biblical theology.

Preachers apply Scripture to people, and so they cannot help but apply Scripture to culture, for people cannot live in this world without being "clothed" in a particular culture. Yet, interpreting one's own culture in the light of God's Word, and then figuring out what posture to take toward that culture, can be quite a challenge. For that reason, we thought preachers would benefit from our having a conversation with D. A. Carson about his 2008 book, Christ and Culture Revisited.

PreachingToday.com: How do you define culture?

D. A. Carson: The term culture is used in different circles with astonishing diversity. Some preachers use it only with respect to things going on in our country that they don't like—and there might be some genuine reasons for not liking them—so it becomes a "Christ against culture" viewpoint. What's going on in the culture is ______—and then you fill in the blank: pornography, racial hatred, consumerism, whatever. Culture becomes a negative moral ...

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