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Best Practices for Holy Week Preaching

'Are you prepared to make the most of those days before Easter?' Interview with Stewart Ruch III

Best Practices for Holy Week Preaching

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday—like Christmas, they come every year, and for many preachers, so does the dilemma of breathing new life into a season that feels familiar and, well, predictable. So what can freshen up Holy Week preaching? editor Matt Woodley sat down with Bishop Stewart Ruch III from Church of the Resurrection, in Wheaton, Illinois to hear best practices from the pastor of a church who celebrates Holy Week second to none. What makes preaching for Holy Week and Easter so difficult?

Stewart Ruch III: There are three things that make preaching during Holy Week a significant challenge.

The first is the same challenge all of us as preachers have when we come, say, to Christmas Eve or other holidays—familiarity, of the day and of the text. You rarely get a chance to pull off a preacher's surprise or a major epiphany. So it requires the preacher to come to these texts with prayer, freshness, creativity, and imagination. ...

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April 08, 2014  3:31pm

So good, I really appreciate you.

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Rev Sylvia P. Wright

March 31, 2014  10:18pm

New and refreshing perspective on divinely guided preparation foe Holy week proclamation that will reflect the seriousness of the age-old events.

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