Chapter 1

Wisdom from a 32-Year Veteran of Easter Sermons

An Interview with Lee Eclov

During his long pastoral career Lee Eclov preached 32 Easter sermons. Preaching Today editor Matt Woodley sat with Lee to discuss what he’s learned about preparing for and delivering Easter sermons.

MW: We like starting with preaching failures. It makes us feel better as preachers when we can know that a fine preacher like you has failed. What was one of your least favorite Easter sermons?

LE: Well, I actually liked the sermon, it just wasn’t a good one for Easter. I preached on the sign of Jonah in Matthew, where Jesus speaks of this: “No sign will be given except …” I thought that was a really clever idea, but it was too complicated. I think it jolted people. It was just too complicated for an Easter Sunday.

MW: And it’s a bit of an obscure text as well.

LE: Yeah, and that’s what appealed to me until that week.

MW: Nice try though. We appreciate your effort there. So thanks for paving the way. I will not be doing that this Easter. But it does raise ...

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