Chapter 3

Make Easter Come Alive

Let's not lose the urgency of the message of Easter.

It goes without saying that Easter is a big deal in church. Along with Christmas, Easter is the Super Bowl of the church year. We expend the most energy on what we do and often have the most people at our buildings and campuses. Easter is a big deal. But there is an inherent problem for us as pastors. At Easter, we have a singular message: the finished work of Jesus Christ. The death and resurrection of Jesus is center stage and needs to be. But often as preachers, we struggle because we are so used to sharing the same message every Easter. They say that familiarity breeds contempt. Of course we wouldn't say that about Easter—we are preachers. But we can be so used to the message that it loses its sense of urgency. So, like you, I am always seeking to make the finished work of Jesus come alive in the hearts and minds of the family at Crossroads Community Church where I pastor in Vancouver, Washington. So I want to use the word "Easter" to give you six simple encouragements ...

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