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Preaching in Global Perspective

What we can learn from preachers around the globe: An interview with Dr. Benjamin K. Homan, President of Langham Partnership USA

Dr. Benjamin K. Homan is President of Langham Partnership USA, an organization founded by John Stott to encourage and resource global evangelical leaders. His impressive network spans continents, and includes Majority World leaders of diverse backgrounds, contexts, and ethnicities. Preaching Today editor Matt Woodley sat down with Homan to hear how perspectives from global preaching can influence Western expositors.

Matt Woodley, PreachingToday.com: Tell our readers about what Langham Partnership does.

Dr. Benjamin K. Homan: Our vision has always been to foster successive waves of new Bible teachers around the world. We have three strategies. First, we provide Ph.D. scholarships in biblical studies to key leaders around the world. When I'm in front of an audience, I jokingly call it the "evangelical mafia" around the world. It's a fairly invisible network of over 300 completed Ph.D.s—many of them presidents of theological schools, like Atef Gendy who is the president ...

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