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Improving Your Preaching

An interview with Michael Quicke

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Preaching've been preaching for 25 years and I see many areas that I can improve in my preaching. And I think most of our listeners feel the same way. They see places they can improve; they want to improve. We're not always sure how to go about that. Tell me first, what's the good news and what's the bad news about improving our own preaching?

Michael Quicke: Well, the good news is that anybody who really cares about preaching and being effective, whether it's been 5 years, 25, or 55, must have this desire to keep improving. The golden rule is you can always improve. When we're seeking to be effective, there are fresh ways in which we can discover a richness. And our people need to know and to hear that in us. So to be concerned about growth is vital for all of us. I feel just like you. Certainly when you're preaching year-in and year-out to the same people, you feel, oh,I'm stale. They must think I'm stale. I'd love to be freshened again and develop skills. And that's the good ...

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