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Preaching, Vertically and Horizontally: An Interview with Samuel Rodriquez

How to preach about salvation and justice at the same time

Dr. Samuel Rodriguez is senior pastor of New Season Christian Worship Center, a multiethnic congregation in Sacramento, California, and president of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, which represents over 40,000 member churches in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.'s managing editor Matt Woodley caught up with Sam to talk preaching, the challenges of "The Lamb's Agenda," and the vital role of the Latino church in American Christianity.

You preached a message called "The Lamb's Agenda" on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. That's also the title of your new book. Tell us about your big idea.

When we look at the cross, Christianity's central, universal symbol, it reminds us that we humans are both vertical and horizontal beings. As followers of Christ, the cross impacts us both vertically and horizontally. Vertically, it speaks to the fact that we stand connected to God and to divine truth—his kingdom, his glory. Horizontally, ...

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Mika Goosic

June 20, 2014  8:18am

Amazing! I have been a Christian for over 70 years - and I have NEVER heard Christianity defined as clearly as Rev. Rodriquez has defined it. I'm grateful that I lived long enough to hear the horizontal and vertical truths of being a Christian. Thank you Rev. Rodriguez - thank you!

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