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What Theology Looks Like in a Sermon (part 1)

Everyone does theology. Do you do it right?

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This article is part one of a two-part series.

The bones and marrow of the sermon are composed of theology. Yet theological preaching is rare. Listeners fear that too much theology will make the sermon impractical. Many preachers shy away from theological content. Aware of the small window of opportunity given to capture the interest of the audience, preachers are tempted to rush to application. The result is a sermon that begins with the need of the audience, touches lightly on the biblical text, and then moves to concrete application. In the process, the sermon skips the important step of identifying and stating theological principles on which the practical application is based. Haddon Robinson has wryly observed: "More heresy is preached in application than in Bible exegesis."

The term theology is popularly used to refer to the content of the Bible. By this definition, everything in Scripture is theological. Any truth statement about the nature of God or man or salvation—such as, ...

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