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Group Sermon Preparation (part 1)

The power of a collaborative effort

Preaching Today: According to your book The Big Idea, the teaching staff at Community Christian Church practices group sermon preparation on a weekly basis. What led your team to this practice?

Dave Ferguson: We stumbled into this a long time ago, and we love it. The point person on our teaching team is Tim Sutherland. When we started Community Christian Church, Tim was actually on staff at another church in Ohio. We had become good friends, so I called him every week to talk through the message I was working on. When he started his own counseling practice in Chicago, he eventually came on staff at CCC. When we went multi-site, it forced our hand to embrace a team approach to sermon preparation. Because some of our sites receive teaching via video and some have a "live" person teaching, we needed multiple teachers. When we wondered how we were going to do it, what Tim and I had done over the phone in a long-distance friendship became a model for what we did on a weekly basis. 

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