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Getting the Gold from the Text

How to capitalize on the inexhaustible riches of Scripture in your preaching without sounding like a Bible commentary.

Getting the Gold from the TextSee theme

Foundational to all good exposition is the conviction that where the Word of God is faithfully taught, the voice of God is authentically heard. In a generation demanding a "now" word from God, as though that would be in some way separate from, or even superior to, the living and enduring Word of Scripture, the expositor believes that everything God has said he is still saying. The preacher's task is not to try to make the Bible relevant; it is relevant, precisely because it is the living Word of the unchanging, present-tense God. Nor is the task to "do something with the Bible," so as to make it palatable to the contemporary scene. Rather, the task is to let the Bible do something with the preacher, so its truth is incarnated in the expositor's life, as well as words, which become the channel of its powerful message to the hearers.

Such foundation principles are derived not only from classic biblical, theological propositions about the inspiration, infallibility, ...

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Dwight B.

August 21, 2012  12:36pm

Excellent. Though covered in many books on homiletics.

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frances talattad

August 20, 2012  8:22pm

Very Informative! Thank you brother.

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Elizabeth Neh Asaa epouse Babatunde

February 07, 2012  5:50am

Wonderful guide to Biblical exposition. A must for every Christian. Thank you my brother.

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Joe S

November 09, 2010  2:44am

The whole article is encouraging I particularly liked the expository verses impository under the Framework heading. A good point well made and challenging.

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Marlene Suarez

November 08, 2010  6:29pm

Great article to understand homiletics and exegesis.

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