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Integrated Media for Smaller Churches

Encouragement that any church can use these powerful tools of communication.

An integrated media system can be a vital part of any church, no matter what its size. Using audio, video, and lighting tools in tandem will enhance your presentations, and a well-trained media team can ensure a distraction-free worship environment. Smaller churches may be daunted by the thought of having to acquire the proper equipment and staff needed to implement integrated media. However, numerous churches have made extra efforts to implement integrated media, despite their size.

Working as a Team in Florida

"I came to Haines City in February 1999," says Steve Goad, director of media ministries at First Baptist Church of Haines City, Florida, a congregation of about 200. "When I came here, I was asked to see what we could do to expand the use of media in worship. I quickly realized that we must first unite the lighting, computer, and sound under a single umbrella."

The church uses a seven-person technical team at each service. The head of the team serves as the technical director and ...

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