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The Promise of Podcast Preaching

An easy new way to reach more people and make better disciples.

In 1728, John Wesley was ordained into the Anglican priesthood. People assumed preaching took place behind a pulpit inside the four walls of a church sanctuary. The hierarchy within the Church of England considered preaching outdoors a violation of canon law. John Wesley broke the law and broke the mold.

Wesley wasn't trying to be different for difference's sake. His unorthodox methodology of field preaching and circuit riding led to disenfranchisement and death threats. Wesley even admitted in 1772: "To this day, field preaching is a cross to me." So why did Wesley take his preaching off-road? Because he didn't believe the gospel should be quarantined to a church building. In his own words: "I look upon the world as my parish."

Wesley preached his first off-road sermon on April 2, 1739. His last outdoor sermon was delivered under an ash tree in the churchyard of Rye in Kent, England, on October 7, 1790. During that 50-year stretch, Wesley preached more than 40,000 sermons; traveled 250,000 ...

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