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Strengthened by PowerPoint

When It Rocks, and Why

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On Good Friday, in a worship space that is physically unfriendly to reflection, we wanted to create an atmosphere where people could enter into the experience of the cross as the Word was spoken. In addition to dimming the lights, we relied primarily on a few PowerPoint slides that mirrored the themes of the message. Images of darkness, nails, and a red-streaked sky aided the preaching immensely.

Granted, using PowerPoint in sermons can have downsides. It can disconnect the vital heart link between preacher and hearers. A slavish dependence on PowerPoint can turn what is meant to be passionate and powerful into neat and tidy subpoints. However, in my setting I have found three strong benefits of PowerPoint.


Bezalel, the first person in Scripture who is said to have been filled with the Spirit of God, was anointed to design the interior of the tabernacle in an artistic manner conducive to worship (). I stand in his lineage, creating sacred space and artistic ambiance for the worshiper ...

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