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Sermons on Faithfulness

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As for Me

I stood in that old church in Richmond where long ago Patrick Henry fired a verbal shot that was heard around the world. It was on March 20, 1775, a day ...

When it comes to serving God, the difference is worth the distance.

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High Pitch of Devotion

The story of David, the king of Israel, has ended. The ancient historian concludes it with one of David's psalms. It is fitting that he would do so. But ...

God’s loyalty toward us is to be the loyalty we display to those who choose to be our followers.

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Lord of the Ten Cities

Can you believe? They're interested in me now. Two days ago, they would not have noticed a slave, but now they're interested. You see, I rule their city. ...

God's reward for us is based upon our level of faithfulness.

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God and the Hebrew Midwives

Many of you perhaps were shaped the way I was in terms of where I really learned my first Bible pictures of the Exodus story. I didn't get mine in Sunday ...

The power to be courageous comes from fear of God.

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Practice of Patience

Someone handed me a little clipping this past week. A couple of young men from Chicago decided they were tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. ...

Real discipleship is seen by our response to trials.

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Finding Significance in Obscurity
Finding Significance in Obscurity

I would expect 99 percent of the people in our society feel very obscure; the kind of feeling that whatever I do doesn't really matter. Nobody ...

Obscurity changes to significance, when we turn our lives over to the Lord.

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A Faith Like Mary's

It may very well be the story in the Bible. The account was read to you this morning of the angel Gabriel's appearance before a young, Jewish peasant ...

God entered human history through Mary because she was open to his will and obedient.

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He Lives, As He Said He Would

There's one long sentence in Mark 16 that caught my imagination. It's the angel's words to the women: "Go, tell his disciples and Peter, 'He is going ...

In the resurrection, Jesus proves that all God's promises are true.

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A Generation with Purpose

Daniel spent his entire adult life in Babylon in exile, captive by a foreign power. Daniel lived in a perverse and twisted culture. He was part of a system ...

Every generation must be willing to be different from the culture in order to remain faithful to God.

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