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Lord of the Ten Cities

God's reward for us is based upon our level of faithfulness.

Can you believe? They're interested in me now. Two days ago, they would not have noticed a slave, but now they're interested. You see, I rule their city. Not only theirs, five more. Ten cities I rule. It's not bad for a slave. You're wondering how? Let me show you. Let me see in my purse. Here it is. One mina. I know it's not so much, but it's not so small, either. One mina. You see, it is the wage for a man for 20 days in the market or in the fields. I know it's not much, but to have any silver at all for a slave is a wonderful thing. And this one is very special. How did I get it? You must know for a slave to have anything is very gracious. Slaves get nothing, and work hard day and night. We belong to our master. Even a slave such as I, working for a master as grand as minehe was a great lord in our cityhaving this much was a special thing.

I worked for this lord, this noble. Worked? I belonged to him. He bought me as a child, and I knew that he was very special. In our city he was one of many nobles, but we knew something. We believed that he was the son of the emperor of all our lands and all our cities. Of course, everyone believes that now. But there was a time when only those in his house believed, men like me. We believed when no one else did. That's important, to believe. He was not only son of the emperor, we knew that one day he would go to the emperor's great city and receive for himself a kingdom, our kingdom all of our lands and our cities. And we were his slaves. That is exciting, isn't it? It's a wonderful thing to think that your master will be like that. Of course, as I said, not many believed it. In fact, in our city even the other nobles, we called them elders, didn't believe it. They hated him. They ...

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James Rose served as pastor or Calvary Baptist Church in Manhattan, New York.

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