Chapter 8

The Role of Celebration in Preaching

The gospel is good news, our delivery should reflect that.

There is no shortage of elements to consider in seeking to improve oneself as a preacher. To consistently develop, we must be aware of our strengths and weaknesses as proclaimers. At times, our growth is stymied by a simple lack of mindfulness of significant but, perhaps, overlooked essentials in the presentation of the gospel. One such often underappreciated and underdeveloped aspect of telling God’s truth is the role of celebration in preaching.

The gospel is, literally, good news. The story of God’s glory being revealed through God’s gracious satisfaction of his righteous wrath through the sacrificial death of the sinless Jesus Christ, Christ’s glorious resurrection that justifies those who believe, and his soon return is the only hope for fallen humanity to be made right with the holy God. God’s loving provision of a path for reconciliation should not be communicated dryly or without pathos. The preacher’s emotions in the sermonic moment should reflect ...

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