Chapter 2

Sermon Delivery Affects Credibility

Audiences will connect with a preacher who is purposeful in body and voice

Preaching Today:When an audience assesses a speaker's credibility based on delivery, how much occurs consciously and how much sub-consciously?

Bob Parkinson: When a congregation is listening to a sermon they have a sub-conscious feeling about how the speaker is coming across. For example, listeners might think, "Gee, he's uncomfortable," or "She's angry or upset. " They wouldn't think, "He is not standing up straight, " or "...not speaking loudly, " or " not looking at me." Those observations are really conscious decisions--where somebody is looking, or how someone is standing. They detect the unconscious emotion: discomfort, ill at ease, anxious, angry, upset.

What should speakers do with their bodies and voices in the delivery of a message to enhance credibility?

How the preacher is standing or talking is important because the listeners are going to respond to those signals; the speaker must be conscious of not just ...

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