Chapter 4

Matching Delivery to Content

The two must mesh for your sermons to really shine.

Spurgeon was quoted as saying: "Maximizing the message and minimizing the messenger is not eradicating the messenger." Certainly all of us have at some time prayed, "Lord, hide me behind the cross as I preach." I'd like to go over some practical ways we can invest ourselves in this prayer.

The first involves understanding your congregation. The second requires familiarizing yourself with some general rules of communication theory. The third ties into the actual delivery itself.

Exegeting your congregation

The first way to maximize the message is through exegeting your congregation. Educational programmers believe there are three types of people when it comes to how messages are received.

The auditory type likes to hear information. This is the type who loves it when you say," This word is used in the New Testament 67 times, but only in this passage is it used in this way." They love information while shying away from feelings.

This trait brings up two additional ...

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