Chapter 1

Deliver and Evaluate

How to deliver your sermon so your people encounter Christ and evaluate it so you keep growing as a preacher.

Imagine that General Motors constructed a new car plant and appointed it with the most sophisticated technological innovations, staffed it with the most experienced and productive workers, and specifically tasked it with producing the world's most trustworthy and visually stunning vehicle. Imagine further that the workers and managers applaud wildly as the first product of so much innovation and preparation finally rolls off the assembly line—only to realize in complete embarrassment a tragic omission: they gave no thought or planning to deliver the new cars to dealers or the public. Even though they have produced what they consider to be the world's finest automobile, the massive operation is not near any railroads or interstates, so they have no system to get their breakthrough product to the consumers who need and want them.

Would anyone be so shortsighted and obtuse as to work diligently at design without thinking about delivery?

Delivery matters

Preachers seem to be the ...

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