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Sermon Illustrations about Priesthood of Believers

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Priesthood of Believers to help bring your sermon to life.

A Temple to Music

Here's the most famous place you've never heard of. It's St. Peter's Church Hall in Liverpool, England. It looks like a typical church ...

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Executive Uses His Position to Help the Poor

Sweatshops in Southeast Asia crank out many of the name brand clothes that you and I wear every day. Sadly, many of these clothes are made by poorly paid ...

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Patagonia's Commitment to Customer Service

The clothing manufacturer Patagonia employs forty-five full-time technicians who complete about 30,000 repairs per year. In the spring of 2015, the company ...

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People Wouldn't Fight Crime with Superpowers

Which superpower would you choose—flight or invisibility? You can't have both, and you'll be the only person in the world to have that particular ...

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The Woman Who Invented Windshield Wipers

Like most women of her generation who visited New York in 1902, thirty-six-year-old Mary Anderson got to where she was going in a streetcar. On one particular ...

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Tolstoy's Story 'Two Old Men'

Leo Tolstoy's story Two Old Men tells the tale of two men, Efim and Elisha, who decide that before they die they must make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. ...

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IRS Agent Serves as a Parable of the Church

Christian leader Mark Labberton relates a personal story about when he had a seemingly unsolvable problem with the IRS. Labberton writes:

After several ...

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Engineers Anonymously Help the World

Remember when there were 144 time zones in the United States? Probably not, because Sandford Fleming, an engineer and railroad planner, proposed a global ...

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Soldier Volunteers to Take Out a Tank

On a wintry December day in 1944, German forces made a massive surprise attack on the Allied lines, which became known as the Battle of the Bulge. About ...

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Too Much Talent Hurts Sports Teams

When it comes to winning games, most pro sports teams go after talented players. Everyone wants a team of stars. But a new research study published in ...

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