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Sermon Illustrations about Priesthood of Believers

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Priesthood of Believers to help bring your sermon to life.

Marketers Who Practice "Social Discrimination"

One of the fastest-growing online businesses is the business of spying on Internet users. Communications Professor Joseph Turow writes: "We're at the ...

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Scientist-Inventor Shares Credit with Others

If you've rushed to work lately without having to iron your permanent press shirt, you can thank Dr. Ruth Benerito. Prior to her death in 2013 at the ...

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Wounded Man Is Helped by Off-duty Nurses

On a cold January night in downtown Minneapolis, a 22-year-old man stumbled into Maxwell's American Pub on Washington Street. At first the bartender thought ...

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Depression Era Theaters Gave a Glimpse into a New World

In our generation movie theater lobbies are plain but necessary entrances. They are a place where you deposit your ticket or purchase your popcorn, ...

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The Feminine Mystique Asks, "Is This All?"

Editor's Note: Like this illustration, sometimes a good sermon illustration raises a challenging issue or question that the sermon must address.

The 1963 ...

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Cape Buffaloes Unite to Save Baby Buffalo

A popular YouTube clip titled "Battle at Kruger" pictures the importance of Christian unity. The clip shows four lions pounce on three Cape buffalo as ...

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Professional 'Body Double" Reflects on the Church

Matthew Eldridge has appeared in numerous high-profile movies, but you'll never see his face or hear his voice. That's because Eldridge serves as a "body ...

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Research Study Uncovers the "Ikea Effect'

A team of researchers from three universities have identified a phenomenon that they call "The Ikea Effect." The name derives from the love ...

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Former Hell's Angel Member Joins Knitting Ministry

I walked out of my office one morning, and a guy I had never met was just getting off the elevator. He was about six foot four, at least 250 pounds, ...

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Christians Can Give Church the "Tourist Treatment"

Elyse Fitzpatrick writes in her book “Because He Loves Me”:

A number of years ago, my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to vacation ...

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