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Sermon Illustrations about Priesthood of Believers

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Priesthood of Believers to help bring your sermon to life.

'One Another's' You Can't Find in the New Testament

Pastor Ray Ortlund writes, "The kind of God we really believe in is revealed in how we treat one another. The lovely gospel of Jesus positions us to treat ...

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Pit Crew Works as a Team

In 1950, Indy car pit crews consisted of four men—including the driver! No one was allowed to get near the car except this small crew of specialists. ...

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Woman Ministers to Telemarketers

Once, while speaking on the topic of grace in Toronto, I asked the audience about their own experiences conveying grace to others. One woman shocked us ...

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Pitcher Strikes Out 15 but Teammate Earns Win

On June 8, 2014 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg Florida, the Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball team shut-out the Tampa Bay Rays 5-0. Seattle's ...

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Crew Teams Need Individuality and Teamwork

Boys in the Boat is the thrilling true story of the 1936 University of Washington crew team, which went from backwater obscurity to a gold medal at the ...

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'The Andy Griffith Show': 'We Are the Police'

In a classic episode from the classic TV series from the 1960's, The Andy Griffith Show, Andy Taylor, the sheriff of Mayberry, is out of town. His deputy, ...

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Older Man Becomes 'Dad' to Father-abandoned Man

At a men's retreat, a group of 30-40 men of all ages sat in a room sharing joys and deep aches of the soul. A young man named Jason sat in his chair, ...

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The "15-70-15 Rule" of Involvement

In his work with International Justice (a Christian ministry that works to free the victims of human trafficking), Gary Haugen says he has noticed what ...

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Gym Memberships and Absentee Members

Every January, millions of Americans, brimming with optimism and a little extra belly from the holidays, commemorate the New Year by making an unfamiliar ...

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School Bus Driver Stops to Save a Life

On October 18, 2013 in Buffalo, New York, 37-year-old Darnell Barton was driving a bus filled with high school students over a bridge when he spotted ...

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