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British Army Targets Millennials by Defying Stereotypes

Jelani Greenidge, pastor, Portland, Oregon; source: Ian Stewart, “British Army Seeks ‘Snow Flakes’ and “Me Me Me Millennials’ In New Recruiting Campaign,” NPR (1-03-19)

Facing a significant downtick in recruitment, the British Army has launched a unique campaign to engage young people between 16 and 25 who may be looking ...

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Parisian Nudist Restaurant to Close

Jelani Greenidge, pastor, Portland, Oregon; source: Sara M Moniuszko, “The first nudist restaurant in Paris is closing after just over a year,” USA Today (1-10-19)

The proprietors of O’Naturel made headlines in December of 2017 when they offered a premiere dining experience to patrons willing to dine in the ...

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Love is the Driving Force Behind Everything We Do

The Great American Read, ‘What We Do For Love,’ PBS (10-9-18); submitted by Jerry De Luca, Montreal West, Montreal, Canada

PBS’ The Great American Read is an eight-part series that explores America’s 100 best-loved novels. The series notes that one theme emerges ...

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How God Used a ‘Dead in the Water’ Sermon

Hugh Litchfield, Visualizing the Sermon: Preaching Without Notes (CSS Publishing, 1996); submitted by Major Dalton, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

One afternoon while walking through the Norfolk General Hospital, Dr. Hugh Litchfield heard his name being called from across the lobby. As a man approached, ...

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Cancer and Suffering Can Obliterate Racism

Tony Hoagland, “The Cure for Racism Is Cancer,” The Sun Magazine (9-18); submitted by Kevin Miller, Wheaton, Illinois

The first time you park your car in the vast, cold cavern of the underground garage and step onto the [hospital] elevator, you may feel alien and forsaken. ...

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